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Corporate Videos
Corporate Videos

Launch a more effective web video marketing campaign with corporate communication videos from Morley Video. We provide every step of production from concept to completion.

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Broadcast Services
Broadcast Services

From high definition location shoots including camera, lights and sound to the latest in digital editing techniques Morley Video can help with your broadcast project providing skill and talent necessary.

HD location shoots
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Headquartered in Phoenix Arizona, Morley Video Productions is the premiere full-service video production company located in the Valley of the Sun. Whether you need a website video, virtual spokesperson, promotional video, factory tour and/or broadcast support, Morley Video has the technical and creative expertise to help. From script writing to storyboarding, high-definition location shoots, and state-of-the-art digital video editing, Morley Video goes the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction at every level. Check out our Talent Gallery, Video Gallery, and what our customers are saying About Us. Be assured that with Morley Video you will get the video support you're looking for, every time!

This Weeks Video Snippet:

By Don Morley
February 21, 2011


Recording video is actually the process of recording "Light". It's all about the light, direct or reflected which sets the mood. While lighting can be a complex and extensive subject, for the purpose of this article I'm only going to discuss the very basics of lighting. It's this basic knowledge of lighting, which if followed while shooting your next video, will make a substantial difference in the outcome. The two basic types of light we will talk about here are Hard light and Soft light.

Hard light (which is unfiltered and casts a hard shadow) is used for a feeling of high drama and suspense. In the corporate arena, use hard light when you want to create a feeling of seriousness. I'll typically use hard light when shooting a speaker giving a serious presentation, or while in the field, recording a "how to" video on operating a piece of equipment. With this approach you will create a video which commands attention.

Soft light (which is filtered light which casts a soft shadow) is used for creating a mood of sincereity. In the corporate areana, sse soft light when you want to create a feeling of goodwill. I'll use this approach when shooting a "message from the President", or a promotional piece about a companies products or services. Use this approach you will build trust.

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