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Q: How does the technology work?


A: Without getting too technical, here’s what happens: After video taping your actor delivering your script in front of a green screen, we key out the background making it transparent. We then convert to the “flash video” format. The flash video is then is uploaded to a streaming video hosting company. Next, for website playback, a flash movie is created which references your uploaded video. This flash movie is then dropped into your existing web site (by you or your webmaster), wherever you would like the video to play. You’re done, watch and enjoy.

Q: What do I actually receive from Morley Video?


A: If you’ve ordered the video without hosting, you will receive the flash video. This option is only recommended for clients familiar with streaming video services and flash movie creation. In this case you will have to upload the flash video to a streaming video hosting company of your choice, and you will have to create your own flash movie for website playback. Again, only recommended if you are comfortable with the technology.

If you’ve ordered the video including our hosting service, you will receive the flash movie, which you drop into your web site. It’s that simple. This is the recommended option.

Q: What if I want to be on my site?


A: This is possible. You would videotape yourself in front of a green screen. Take care to get good sound and an evenly lit green screen. Send the video to us and we will process it for website delivery. There is no extra charge for using your own video.

Q: What changes do I make to my webiste?


A: Very little to nothing. We will provide you with a flash movie file. Just have your webmaster drag and drop the flash movie file where you want your video to play. That’s it, your done.

Q: Who will provide the streaming host for the video?


A: You are free to find your own streaming video hosting service, but we cannot guarantee flawless playback if you do. We do guarantee flawless playback when you host your video with us. It’s very affordable and hassle free to just let us do it.

Q: Why should I add video to my website?


A: Most people will not take the time to read through a lot of text on your website, and without explicit guidance, most will not look far enough to find out what to do next. With an Internet Sales Rep, not only do you entertain your visitors, but you take control of exactly what your visitors see and hear on every page. By guiding your visitors through your website page-by-page, not only can you explain your products and services in detail, but you can prompt your visitors to make those much needed “calls to action”, getting your telephones and email buzzing.

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