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You Get:

Up to 60 seconds of video (150 words max).
Talent of your choice.
Professional script review.
Green screen video shoot.
Editing per your instructions.
Encoding to Flash video.
Streaming video account.
Technical support for web installation.



Order ISR


The Internet Sales Rep, otherwise known as “ISR”, is a single talking head video running up to 60 seconds in length, that’s about 120 to 150 words. It includes the actor of your choice, a professional script review, the studio shoot, and encoding to run on your website.

As many of our clients may want multiple ISR’s, each with a unique message, running on several different web pages, we offer quantity discounts. The more ISR’s you order, the lower the cost, but remember, to qualify for quantity discounts, you must use the same actor, wearing the same outfit, and the entire order, must be placed at the same time.

Standard ISR Pricing:

Quantity of ISR Video Clips

Price per Video Clip

Order Total

1 $895 $895
2 $770 $1,540
3 $645 $1,935
4 $625 $2,500
5 $605 $3,025
6 $582 $3,492
7 $559 $3,913
8 $538 $4,304
9 $516 $4,644
10 $495 $4,950

Add On's & Options:




Streaming Host
(Not the same as a website host, streaming video hosting is a unique technology).

Streaming Video Host, $25/month, 1 year paid in advance. If you are not familiar with setting up a streaming video host, and creating flash movies, we strongly recommend that you pick this option to have Morley Video manage your streaming video host, which includes the flash movie creation.
Script Writing
Hire Morley Video to write your script
Long Scripts
For scripts running longer than 150 words, add $3 per extra word.
Banner Graphic Backgrounds
Add a banner graphic behind your ISR. Graphic provided by client.
Add music to your ISR. Music provided by client.
$95/per music cut
Synchronized Graphics
Add synchronized text and/or graphics to your ISR, synchronized to your script. Graphics provided by client.


Layered Graphics
Add layered graphics so the ISR can enter and exit from between the graphic layers. Graphics provided by client.

$125 per graphic

Product Demonstration
Have the talent demonstrate your product. Product must be small enough to be held by hand. Product provided by client.
Non-Branded ISR
A non-branded ISR is one that does not include the "powered by Morley" link.

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